InterX Pain Clinic:

 Success Stories and Testimonials

Helen cam to see me about 8 weeks ago with severe plantar fasciitis in her foot which was causing her great pain. This started in the morning on wake up and standing from bed and was painful moving short distances around the house. Helen walked to work which she found extremely difficult and her job required long periods of standing which meant a gradual increase in pain. More often than not Helen had a lift home where she was recovering for the next day.

Linda had been away on holiday and done some extended walking, this had initially been limited by her knee, then as she was compensating her foot, developing Plantar Fasciitis and Achillies tendonitis.

Linda was normally an active person walking and gardening around the house and an improving ballroom and Latin dancer which was her passion and did three times a week.

Sue Loves Cliff Richard and Tennis!

Sue came to see me a couple of months ago and had been suffering from Mortons Neuroma for some time. Sue had tried various shoes insoles and direct care and treatment from a podaritist who originally diagnosed the neuroma.

Sue has had issues with her feet over the last 20 years with surgery on one to help with her smaller toes and alignment and her big toe fused on her other. This added to the movement issues with walking gait and standing so had to modify to compensate for differences.

Jo Reeves

Jo has had a really challenging plantar fasciitis and heel spur journey. This started July 2022 when Jo was experiencing heel pain and stopped doing regular Park Runs in Stratford upon Avon to help reduce the pain post event. Jo was also a regular netball player for a local team and towards the end of the summer had to stop playing netball. In September she went to the podiatrist in Leamington from a GP referral for insoles which made little difference. Jo then returned to the GP and was given medication and another referral to the foot clinic in Warwick for assessment. Post MRI scan it showed that while having plantar fasciitis Jo also had a heel spur.

Martyn Finny was an extremely active individual who has travelled and trekked in many remote environments. Martyn was originally in the Parachute regiment as a young man where his fitness and exploration started. Post leaving the military Martyn has under took many different activities all over the world with some extreme experiences. Martyn had to have knee surgery due to his exploits and resulted in a Total Knee Replacement – This should have allowed him to continue but it did not!

Knee Replacement

Edmund was a client I first met the beginning of  June 2022 for a consultation about a bespoke accelerated rehabilitation programme for his imminent knee replacement surgery. Edmund had recently semi-retired and had more time on his hands and enjoyed walking with his dogs and been outside, his knee pain was preventing this. Another Goal was that at the end of August he was going to Disneyland with his family, and grandchildren and knew from previous experience their would be a significant amount of walking.

Esther was a tricky client initially as she was in extreme pain with her feet from plantar fasciitis and had a job working as a Costa manager 40 hours a week so on her feet all the time. To have some level of coping with the pain Esther changed her footwear frequently in the day to try to help and did different tasks from standing and sitting. My initial consultation Esther limped into the clinic and was furniture walking as had been at work and usually once home would elevate her feet.

Janet Coley Image

Janet came to see me with Plantar fasciitis in both feet and was unable to walk around the house easily. Janet could only walk short distances with a walking aid and had tried all of the usual fixes from foot massagers to orthotics. Janet said she was fortunate as she was able to work from home some of the time as driving was becoming, challenging. Janet used to exercise lots doing karate and keep fit along with walking the dog pre lockdown. Janet said the pain started in one foot and then moved to the other, the rocket for coming to see me was not been able to get out of a chair without family help.

Wayne Motocross

Wayne initially came to me with Plantar Fasciitis heal and arch pain and a lump on each arch. After our initial consultation other issues emerged which were also a problem. Long standing lower back problem which was compounded by sitting for extended period Wayne is a consultant and motocross bike rider. 

Bev Image Facebook

Bev came to see me with Plantar Fasciitis in her right foot which she had also had extensive ankle surgery on which was limiting her movement. In addition to this Bev’s mobility was further reduced by a lower back issue due to compensating for the pain and lack of mobility in her foot and ankle. To add a bit more into the mix Bev is also diabetic and some potential issues with diabetic neuropathy. Bev is a very outgoing person with a infectious personality which she definitely needs as she child minds up to 6 under 3s on any one day. The pain and lack of mobility Bev could not walk upstairs was becoming problematic when looking after the children.

Judy Image

Judy came to see me for Plantar Fasciitis treatment which was impacting on both feet. She had a role in a large company that meant walking distances was essential along with at times periods of standing. Judy walked about 15 mins to work and back each day and commented that if OAPs could overtake her she definitely had a issue and the pain was becoming excruciating

Rose Website Phote

Rose is a amazing woman and has a emotional life story. I first met Rose approximately 5 years ago for a severe back problem that was stopping her sleep, walk and sit. Rose essentially could not function at work or everyday life. I said to Rose what is the most important thing for me to work on? Rose said immediately that if she could sleep without pain it would be a good start. Rose booked a treatment plan and post first treatment session slept for 14 hours! Something she had not done for 10 years.

Marion Image

The right arm thumbs up is significant for Marion her words follow "I cannot recommend  Stephen Grinnell and the InterX pain Clinic highly enough.  Last year I fell and dislocated my right shoulder, resulting in severe damage to my radial nerve. This caused a complete loss of movement and sensation from my shoulder to my fingertips.

As soon as I started having InterX  treatment  there was a noticeable improvement. With Stephen’s positive encouragement and individually tailored exercise programme, combined with regular treatments, I have now regained full use of my arm, hand and fingers.