My New 3, 6, 9 Approach To Help You

I have developed this process over the last 12 years successfully working with over 2500 people

3, What this means is the focus of the first 3 sessions is to reduce the Pain and inflammation you are experiencing while starting your physical rehabilitation.

6, The second 3 sessions focus on reducing pain and inflammation further while increasing your physical mobility significantly.

9, The third 3 sessions is ensuring you have exceeded your mobility and movement expectations while been pain free the ultimate goal.

So how do I work and what happens? 


The first step is to find out what is wrong and to process your medical history. This allows me to start the process of building a picture of the root cause of the problem rather than just the symptom. I review activity levels, daily and at the weekend and work movements along with lifestyle and goals. I then do a physical assessment which varies depending on the issue or problem and look at your current mobility and what you would like to be able to do.

I then ask the most challenging question

What do you want to be able to do when Pain Free?

This tends to draw a smile, but it changes your perspective on getting better and is essential for forming goals and tracking progress. I aim to help everyone to the best of my ability, and to make significant progress with pain reduction and mobility increase. 

InterX Process Explanation

InterX works through the nerves to stimulate your brain to release pain and anti-inflammatory endorphins. This is very powerful natural pain relief that is medically proven to be highly effective. Nerve communication happens in 2 ways chemical and electrical. Nerve communication is 2% chemical and 98% electrical. Pain Killers work though the 2% which is why their effect is only temporary 8, 12 or 24 Hours even for strong medication. InterX works through the Electrical element and is long lasting.

The cells at the site of pain are working in short bursts, anaerobically which is why your pain fluctuates through the day depending on cell activity. InterX gives direct electrical energy to site of pain energising these cells to work longer term  and aerobically so pain relief is much longer.

InterX also helps with fluid and inflammation as it stimulates the body to move fluid around so its more effective in the growth and repair phase. I aim to help everyone to the best of my ability,  for more information  Call or DM me for further detail details below 

Red Light Therapy Explanation

Red Light is part of the invisible spectrum of light and is just along from infra red light on the spectrum. Red light is a refined version of sunlight, it does not give a tan but it has powerful healing properties. Sunlight is special as it has a wide spectrum of light and travels not only in waves or beams but also as particles. The particles are converted by the human body to rays and used by the cells, this is why sunlight is so essential to human life. 

Red light therapy penetrates the body about 15cms and provides energy to the body tissue. If you have an injury, pain or inflammation this process helps the soft tissue repair much faster and so provides accelerated healing.

Red light therapy has many applications and works extremely well when combined with InterX Treatment. I aim to help everyone to the best of my ability, watch the video below for more information and Call or DM me for further detail details below.

Homework Explanation Mobility Movements

Yes you do have homework. This is specific functional movements that target focused muscles to aid in your recovery. A good example is walking, you never learnt how to walk you learned how not to fall over. Think about it you hold a child while they get their balance and gradually let go. Once they have taken steps they practice and through trial and error children get it and are walking, the same is true for running its just faster.

You only look at walking if you have had a injury or surgery or running if you are coached for an event or sport. I set homework to last around 10mins with the view of little and often for for a long term change.

Yes I do use weights and bands even with older patients 70 and 80 to target specific muscles and to help with a movement, yes they can be light but weight non the less. 

Review and Evaluation

I Review constantly to impact of my treatment and the 3, 6, 9 approach. I make changes as required and do not stay to a fixed plan if not working or getting the results required. I have a problem that I try to fix everybody to a 100% I may not make it but I get very close.

I am currently operating at a 93% success rate with clients with a range of pain and mobility issues.

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