Success Story / Testimonial Helen Downing

November 30, 2023

Helen cam to see me about 8 weeks ago with severe plantar fasciitis in her foot which was causing her great pain. This started in the morning on wake up and standing from bed and was painful moving short distances around the house. Helen walked to work which she found extremely difficult and her job required long periods of standing which meant a gradual increase in pain. More often than not Helen had a lift home where she was recovering for the next day.

Helen had searched the internet and had a variety of insoles and shoes to help! She had tried various exercises which seemed to make things worse.

After consultation with me Helen opted for a 9 session package and the first 3 sessions we focused on standing as this was a issue at work. We modified her sitting to stand to alter loading and changed foot wear to allow for a static position. Treatment went well and significant improvements after 3 sessions allowing for 4 to 5 hours of minimal pain standing and able to walk to and from work with much less discomfort.

The second phase was to build on the first and focus on walking. This required some walking modifications and initial short steps. This helped with short distances around the home and at work as standing was beginning to get easier and easier. The next level was to progress to walking the distance to and from work. This resulted in shorter steps and more time but less pain and standing was limited discomfort rather than pain. Evenings and weekends were enjoyed more as recovery not needed.

The final phase was extended walking on different terrain and extended distances. This was in preparation for a trip to York and the surrounding area. Each session Helen progressed to her goal of been pain free. The medical treatment at the clinic helped speed up the repair of her fascia and she worked hard with the movements and changing habits.

Helen before her last session was asked to try and break the success and been pain free. She dis this my looking after a friends dog so forcing extra walks, distance and hills. Happy to report she is completely fixed with a tool kit of movements to support her foot going forward and to help with a permanent change.

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About the author

Stephen Grinnell MSc Health and Rehabilitation
Pain and Physical Rehabilitation Specialist
Stephen has had his own Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic for over 11 years where he has treated well over 2500 people with lots of different pain and injury issues. Stephen’s personal physical rehabilitation journey started with a serious injury while on active service with the Royal Marines 25 years ago. This injury resulted in a long journey of complementary rehabilitation and two replacement hips. Stephen has developed his own bespoke treatment protocols using a variety of medical devices to help pain and inflammation resulting in accelerated recovery. Expert areas of focus are Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Back pain issues particularly Lower Back and Sciatica and hip and knee replacement rehabilitation. Stephen previously had a successful academic career lecturing at a variety of Colleges and Universities in the Sports Science, Rehabilitation and Training areas. Stephen has also worked in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Physiotherapy department during the Covid 19 Pandemic helping the recovery of COVID patients. In 2022 Stephen has been extensively researching and trialling protocols to treat plantar fasciitis. His Expertise has resulted in the successful treatment of 103 people and counting with a current success rate of 93%

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