Do You Want To Be Pain FREE?

The answer to that question is always YES

With my 5 step treatment process you will Pain free, more mobile, and able to do all of the activities you want to do!

A Bold claim, but I have successfully treated over 1300 people in the last 8 years that have achieved just that. What I do in the 5 Step process is a combination of the latest clinically proven medical technology to reduce pain. Coupled with a refined mobility programme using skills and knowledge from physiotherapy, chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical rehabilitation specialists.

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What I do

I provide a Specialist process of Physical Rehabilitation using the latest proven medical technology and individually tailored mobility programmes.

I use a five step process to assess, treat and review, to reduce your pain and improve your mobility. Simply put "Stephen worked miracles on my back! Was in absolute agony and his treatment is worth every penny" Kierti Vaidya. I have treated over 1300 clients over the last 8 years with a significant pain reduction and increase in mobility. You could be next (Click Below)

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why I do it, about me

I have been there

My mission is to help as many people as I can be pain free with improved mobility. I know what it is like to live with joint pain after serving with the military and getting injured, resulting in having two hip replacements myself, I was helped to become pain free using the technology and techniques I have developed and share with my clients today.

And what I do works, as proven with nearly 1000 customers over the last 8 years!

How it works

How It works

Step 1 Consultation

Firstly, The initial consultation is extremely comprehensive and usually lasts around an hour!

We want to find out all about you, starting with medical history which is obvious, any challenges or psychological issues like stress you are under. Then the focus is pain, lots of questions about pain severity when it occurs, sleep pattern. Review coping strategies like medication, pacing, distraction altered work environment. The purpose of the questions is to prompt discussion and getting to the root cause of the problem. I am building up a person picture so I can work out how best to help you!

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Step 2 InterX Medical Device

Importantly InterX is a scientifically proven medical device to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing.

Simply put InterX is amazing and works through the nerves to stimulate the body to release pain and anti-inflammatory endorphins to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation naturally. InterX also works at increasing energy at a cell level at the point of pain for these to be more effective. If its so good why is it not used in mainstream healthcare. Two key elements are time and skill when using interX and I only have capacity for 5 patients a day. Healthcare would not be able to cope when medication is so abundant, widespread and accepted.

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Step 3 Red light Therapy Medical Device

Red Light is used to treat Tissue pain and inflammation along with other medical applications

Red Light therapy like InterX has been developed by NASA after extensive research and testing. The Redlight penetrates the body about 15cm and gives energy to the tissue at a cellular level. This helps speed up the recovery process from pain or injury and compliments InterX

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Step 4 Homework

Yes you do have Homework, I set you movements and tasks to do in between treatments

Yes I do use weights and bands with all to target muscles, focus on an area for development. These enable me to focus on specific muscles to help your injury or pain, sometimes just posture at work. I set small amounts of homework to be done little and often ideally in the morning with your first cup of tea!

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Step 5 Review and Evaluation

I review and evaluate constantly to make sure the treatment is at its most effective and having the greatest impact!

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3 Different Challenges to start you on the road to recovery

3 Options to help Back Pain, Knee Pain and Knee Replacement!

InterX Pain Clinic 3 Day Back Challenge
InterX Pain Clinic 6 Day Knee Challenge
InterX Pain Clinic 3 Day Knee Replacement Challenge


What People say

"I was referred to Steve at InterX Pain Clinic from a friend who was a similar age to me and active like myself. I had issues with my knee and shoulder which have remarkably been fixed. I have better movement now than in a long time. I am able to do sports again, train, cycle with my daughter to school and have just booked a snowboarding holiday"


I was referred to Stephen from a friend as I had severe neck pain and was on a lot of medication for it. After a programme of treatment I can move my neck fully lift my arms and most importantly I am taking no medication. I highly recommend Stephen and his treatment process


Anika Review
Kierti review
Debbie review

Success Stories

Rose Dixon Success Story

Rose is a amazing woman and has a emotional life story. I first met Rose approximately 5 years ago for a severe back problem that was stopping her sleep, walk and sit. Rose essentially could not function at work or everyday life. I said to Rose what is the most important thing for me to work on? Rose said immediately that if she could sleep without pain it would be a good start. Rose booked a treatment plan and post first treatment session slept for 14 hours! Something she had not done for 10 years.......

Marion Image

The right arm thumbs up is significant for Marion her words follow "I cannot recommend  Stephen Grinnell and the InterX pain Clinic highly enough.  Last year I fell and dislocated my right shoulder, resulting in severe damage to my radial nerve. This caused a complete loss of movement and sensation from my shoulder to my fingertips.

As soon as I started having InterX  treatment  there was a noticeable improvement. With Stephen’s positive encouragement and individually tailored exercise programme, combined with regular treatments, I have now regained full use of my arm, hand and fingers.

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