Mount Everest: Personal Goals and Business Development

July 10, 2023

8th July 2023 is my birthday, I am 50 years old. It’s a birthday which tends to bring about some element of reflection and planning for the future.   

As I look back over my life, I have had like most, a roller coaster with highs and lows making me who I am today. As the saying goes “when is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago, when is the second best time to plant a tree? Today”

So my ”tree” is to trek to Everest Base Camp in 2024, I have booked to go 15th March 2024!

For me this has been something I have wanted to do for 20 years but, always put off. The easy bit is always at the start, looking at the trip itinerary and the significant highlights, because of my past it means I am in geek heaven with equipment.

The reality is that I need to be fit enough to trek over 14 days up to 10 hours a day at altitudes where your oxygen carrying capacity is 50%. This is a very personal goal and journey as it will require a significant amount of weight loss and fitness gain.

I am a team player and family man, this is a solo effort on one level which is out of my comfort zone. I know I will have loads of support along the way but, it feels uncomfortable as its for me not the team!

The journey is combined with near ready to launch online rehabilitation business. This has taken longer than it should but, will be launched on the 1st September 2023. I have filming to complete in July and final edits in August. These are rehabilitation programmes covering 3 key areas, Knees and Knee replacements, Lower backs and my speciality with Plantar Fasciitis.

The interlaced goals will require lots of habit changes, new skills to learn and obstacles to overcome, I invite you to follow my journey!  

Me half way on a training walk on the Greenway in Stratford Upon Avon.

The reality has kicked in following a walk yesterday and a gym session this morning. I have 249 days till I am in Kathmandu and getting ready to depart on my trek to Everest base camp for 15 days.

Base line check list:-

  • I need to loose a pound in weight on average every 3 days till then to hit target weight.
  • I have allowed for the fact I will probably have a 20 pound rucksack to carry each day, at least a third of which will be water.
  • I am doing a 6 day a week training plan one 5.5 mile walk at speed and one extended walk each week. 2 gym sessions with compound strength exercises and a minimum of 18 minutes CV and 2 gym sessions smaller movements and agility with a minimum of 18 minutes CV till an end of August review.
  • So far so good, the training part is the most enjoyable for me and will be the easiest habit to get in to but only 20% of the package. A massive diet and eating habit change will be essential to success. I have tried to keep this simple to reinforce habits. Overnight oats first, some protein and fruit. Evenings will vary to link to the family but will be vegetable based and small lol. This is the hardest part initially, but will have a drastic effect on me physically.
  • This personal change mirrors my business development perfectly as my clinic and face to face treatments is growing well and I am nearing capacity. My new online venture will enable me to scale significantly, but requires significant change in countless areas and moves me out of my comfort zone to a whole different area.

This is an exciting journey and as predicted day 1 is the easiest, but I am buzzing as it’s the first step!

About the author

Stephen Grinnell MSc Health and Rehabilitation
Pain and Physical Rehabilitation Specialist
Stephen has had his own Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic for over 11 years where he has treated well over 2500 people with lots of different pain and injury issues. Stephen’s personal physical rehabilitation journey started with a serious injury while on active service with the Royal Marines 25 years ago. This injury resulted in a long journey of complementary rehabilitation and two replacement hips. Stephen has developed his own bespoke treatment protocols using a variety of medical devices to help pain and inflammation resulting in accelerated recovery. Expert areas of focus are Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Back pain issues particularly Lower Back and Sciatica and hip and knee replacement rehabilitation. Stephen previously had a successful academic career lecturing at a variety of Colleges and Universities in the Sports Science, Rehabilitation and Training areas. Stephen has also worked in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Physiotherapy department during the Covid 19 Pandemic helping the recovery of COVID patients. In 2022 Stephen has been extensively researching and trialling protocols to treat plantar fasciitis. His Expertise has resulted in the successful treatment of 103 people and counting with a current success rate of 93%

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