Why I do It, About Me...

My mission is to help as many people as I can be pain free with improved mobility. I know what it is like to live with joint pain after serving with the Royal Marines and getting injured, resulting in having two hip replacements myself, I was helped to become pain free using the technology and techniques I have developed and share with my clients today.

And what I do works, as proven with over a 2500 clients in the last 12 years with a 93% Success rate!

Hello I am Stephen and I have been practicing Physical Rehabilitation using clinically proven medical devices and functional movement routines for over 9 years. I have had remarkable success largely because I can work 1:1 focus on finding the core issue and treating the whole person and not just the pain! I refine and adapt my treatment approach as everybody is different. I use my evolving 3, 6, 9 process and research to improve what I do, to be the best to enhance your treatment.

Over the Last 12 years I have researched and developed my skills and expertise in 3 key areas:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis

  2. Knee Injury and Knee Replacement

  3. Lower Back pain and injury

I have a MSc Health Rehabilitation and Exercise and my specialist research is " To assess the Impact of a 6 Week Exercise Intervention on Subjects with Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis for Mobility and Pain Perception" I presented this at the British Heart Foundation Conference in 2015. I use a variety of medical devices and develop functional routines for enhanced recovery and mobility. I have developed treatment protocols for InterX for Hip and Knee replacement accelerated recovery that other medical practitioners' use globally after presenting in 2017 and 2019 at the Global InterX Conference in London. My current research focus is on Plantar Fasciitis which I am having some fantastic results with.

I first encountered a different treatment approach for osteoarthritis in 2010 for my hip pain. I was badly injured in 1995 while serving with the Royal Marines and injured my hips and developed bi-lateral osteoarthritis. This resulted in me having a left hip resurfacing at 33 in 2006, and pain in my right hip by 2010. This is when after much research I found InterX and had a extensive course of treatment that left me pain free for 8 years, but also altered my career path. Post InterX treatment I started researching alternative treatments and healing and in 2012 left my Sports lecturing Role at University and Colleges to develop my own treatment approaches using the latest medical technology and understanding. I developed InterX Pain Clinic initially in Wythall Birmingham and relocated to Stratford Upon Avon in 2021 due to my daughters school.

Personal Goal Update for 2024/25

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I have used my own treatment system personally in 2018 when I had my right hip replaced. In 2006 it took 29 weeks to recover from hip resurfacing surgery. In 2018 it took 4 weeks to recover! the difference was my 5 step process which I presented initially in 2017 and refined in 2019.

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