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What is Inflammation
What is Inflammation? Inflammation is a self defence process of the body in which white blood cells and associated cells[...]
What is Pain?
What is Pain?Pain is a signal sent through nerve fibres to the brain for interpretation on what to do. Severe[...]
What is InterX Treatment and How does it work?
What Is InterX Treatment? InterX is a type of therapy that uses ‘interactive neurostimulation’ to promote healing whilst being non-invasive.[...]
Complex Pain
Complex Pain tends to develop over a period of time and has many factors that play a contributing role. As[...]
Accelerated Recovery from Knee Replacement Surgery
I first met Julie 2 weeks post knee replacement surgery. Julie had opted for my home based accelerated recovery programme[...]
My Hip replacement Journey Week 2
Week 27 days post surgery is significant as general things are becoming easier and some challenges you have overcome. You[...]
My Hip Replacement Journey Week 1
You Live every minute of the first day of surgery and recovery and day 2 is also a roller coaster[...]
InterX Treatment of Lower Back Pain in a semi Pro Footballer
Tyler had played professional football when he was younger at a high level and after been released worked a regular[...]
My Hip Replacement Journey Day 1
Week 1 and the first day very intenseI have had osteoarthritis for 22 years in my hips. I have had[...]
How Does InterX Treat Sciatica
Sciatica The NHS describes Sciatica as "Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve, which runs from your hips to your feet,[...]
Shoulder Injury in Golf and Tennis – Rotator Cuff
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__<h1>Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Injury</h1><p>A rotator cuff injury, shoulder pain is when you have inflammation or a tear in the[...]
Top Five Golf Injuries
Top Five Injuries in Golf Back Pain, particularly lower back Shoulder Pain, particularly Rotator Cuff Golfer's Elbow and Tennis Elbow[...]