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November 23, 2022

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment at InterX Pain Clinic Stratford Upon Avon

Plantar Fascia

I think I have cracked it! Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

I have successfully treated 108 cases of plantar fasciitis over the last 8 months in Stratford Upon Avon. This has been part of a research study with clients ranging from 10 years old to 79 years of age and a average age of 47 with an even mix of males and females.

I have used my 5 step process to develop the medical device protocols and the biomechanical and gait assessment strategies for the fastest pain relief and recovery! I am working on refining my assessment at consultation stage to predict likely treatment package required.

Clients have had a range of treatments of varying time and intensity. The optimal frequency of treatment is 3 sessions within 2 weeks then weekly as required. Clients vary with coping strategies for plantar fasciitis and we have to modify movement and rest and break habits.

The medical treatment has been a significant breakthrough with pain and inflammation reduction in the first sessions then progressing with healing the fascia for lasting results. As the fascia heals pain tends to move around the foot as the complexity of the foot structure means multiple sites of damage.

Please watch the video detailing how the foot is treated for Plantar Fasciitis with InterX

Depending on how long the client has had the plantar fasciitis, used insoles, had surgery or other foot issues impacts on how the foot moves and can be loaded. This can further hinder the fascia recovery. Walking and standing particularly in the morning is a common theme and walking and standing all clients reported difficulty with.

 All clients needed some gait or walking modifications and in some cases compensation due to plantar fasciitis. As the pain reduced and the fascia was healing then ankle movement improved enabling a better walking movement. This improvement lead to other parts of the foot been painful as alternative muscles tendons and ligaments were been used so front ankle pain and ball/top of foot and big toe increased in discomfort.

Please watch the video detailing how the foot is treated for Plantar Fasciitis with InterX

The last key area of treatment focus is on the calf muscle, ankle and achilles tendon. The soleus the muscle going into the achilles tendon was of particular focus just above the ankle. This started to have light inflammation when been used more as clients progressed with treatment. The treatment for this area in addition to interX was red light therapy which works specifically on tissue and the mitochondria in muscles. This treatment as highlighted in the video is enhanced when used with interX and helps cells work aerobically with oxygen and gets rid of toxins faster.

Please watch the video detailing how the foot is treated for Plantar Fasciitis with Red Light Therapy

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As already stated movement was essential once the pain subsided and the clients who moved the most and focused on specific movements progressed the fastest with the greatest magnitude of results.

Specific Plantar fasciitis healing movements are discussed in more detail here

The results are a culmination of lots of reviewing progress and adapting treatments, some experimentation with footwear and movements along with some amazing clients.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment is Available at InterX Pain Clinic Stratford Upon Avon

If you would like to know more about how I treat plantar fasciitis please call Stephen on 01789 228123 for a conversation or use the messenger icon. Alternatively join the plantar fasciitis masterclass group which can be accessed HERE.

I have just completed a Book Plantar Fasciitis Information and Solutions which is available by signing up below

About the author

Stephen Grinnell MSc Health and Rehabilitation
Pain and Physical Rehabilitation Specialist
Stephen has had his own Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic for over 11 years where he has treated well over 2500 people with lots of different pain and injury issues. Stephen’s personal physical rehabilitation journey started with a serious injury while on active service with the Royal Marines 25 years ago. This injury resulted in a long journey of complementary rehabilitation and two replacement hips. Stephen has developed his own bespoke treatment protocols using a variety of medical devices to help pain and inflammation resulting in accelerated recovery. Expert areas of focus are Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Back pain issues particularly Lower Back and Sciatica and hip and knee replacement rehabilitation. Stephen previously had a successful academic career lecturing at a variety of Colleges and Universities in the Sports Science, Rehabilitation and Training areas. Stephen has also worked in The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Physiotherapy department during the Covid 19 Pandemic helping the recovery of COVID patients. In 2022 Stephen has been extensively researching and trialling protocols to treat plantar fasciitis. His Expertise has resulted in the successful treatment of 103 people and counting with a current success rate of 93%

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