My Hip Replacement Journey Week 2

February 8, 2022

Stephen Grinnell My Hip Replacement Journey Week 2

Week 2

7 days post-surgery is significant, as general things are becoming easier and some challenges you have overcome. You have a general system of the day but I knew I needed to push.

I had only done short walks outside mainly due to the weather and wanted to get out and do more. I had increased my exercises in the morning to 5 sets of 8 which for some, would be difficult at this stage. I ended up walking outside for about a 1000 metres with a continuous movement see video.

I was over the moon at been able to complete such a large distance with crutches and it gave me a fantastic sense of achievement. Health and Safety warning post walk, I had high levels of muscle fatigue and slept for 3 hours, the longest I had slept in one go since the surgery and my enforced sleeping on back position. I totally forgot how tiring walking can be early post-surgery, note to self, remember rest.

Day 8

Suffered from working too hard the day before and swelling was not just in my hip but was moving down my leg.

Due to how the hip replacement is done depends on how much bruising you have, I had the manipulation type see left

Sitting was hard today and kept having cramp in my calf from yesterday’s exploits.

Day 9

Interesting day as my wife was at work while my daughter was at school. This means lots of preparation and anticipation. You still get frustrated and while using a flask is ok its nicer to drink from a cup in the lounge. It also highlights little things when you are on your own, more trips because you forget everything.

Exercises went well today really pushed myself and went for the same walk as before so really pleased.

Day 10

Today is not normal as I have to do a check list for our trip to Ireland, using the ferry. This was pre booked in the summer prior to knowing I had an operation. The amount of items we needed was ridiculous, like a toilet seat, perching stool etc.  We had to plan the packing of the car as I was sitting in the back and not driving.

My wife gets everything loaded, just, and we set off for the night ferry, 3 hours driving to Hollyhead with two stops is very uncomfortable. The ferry was ok they were extremely helpful and I could stand and walk around a bit. The 3 hour drive in Ireland was not funny and my backside was painful!

Day 11, 12, 13

Recover from travelling and sleep loads catching up from the journey. The environment is great as we are at my wife's parents house for Christmas and they live in a bungalow, so no stairs, yippee!

Work hard on the exercises and practice walking a few steps without crutches, which is exhilarating and frightening at the same time, feel real progress. I am doing exercises twice a day and have increased the number, along with an hour and half of interX treatment its paying off.

Day 14

Stitches out! Massive decrease in swelling which helps enormously with sitting and general mobility the reduction in swelling has been down to using the InterX device which has accelerated healing.

The District Nurse came to take the stitches out and could not believe how little swelling there was along with my healing and mobility.

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