Knee Replacement Rapid Recovery Programme

After having my own rehabilitation journey with  2 joint replacements. I have developed a Knee Replacement Rapid Recovery Programme. This is a package of treatment with InterX and extensive home mobility to maximise your recovery and new knee joint.

Unfortunately NHS Support post knee replacement is generally limited to several sessions to get you off crutches and if you are lucky several sessions at the physio gym for some group work.This is why I developed the Knee Replacement Recovery Programme. In this programme I come to you, post surgery twice a week for 4 weeks where you have a detailed and progressive movement and exercise plan along with intense InterX Treatment. The plan has been refined over the last 8 years of working with joint surgery patients. I have developed a range of movements at each stage of recovery to allow you to recover from knee replacement surgery, simply rapidly

A common question I get asked is why does my physio or the hospital provide this service or support?

Two simple responses, time and resource of the NHS. With 160,000 Hip and knee replacements done annually in the UK it would equate to 1.28 million 1 to 1 sessions which is obviously unrealistic. InterX Treatment has been clinically proven to significantly reduce pain and inflammation in knee replacement patients and to promote rapid recovery

So why Stephen, and why InterX Treatment?

I have my own Journey of joint replacement that started 25 years ago getting injured serving with the Royal Marines and been medically discharged with osteoarthritis of both hips from the injury. I had 15 years of pain and mobility issues before my first hip resurfacing in 2006. This took 26 weeks to recover from, the second hip was replaced in 2018 and took 4 weeks to recover from.............the difference was interX Treatment and focused physical rehabilitation movements.

Click on the Video below to see my journey 4 weeks post surgery

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Significantly I am not an athlete, While waiting for my surgery I gained weight due to poor mobility which is common with hip and knee problems. I lost confidence with walking extended distances as I had to pace myself for longer distances and I found stairs difficult so I took the lift. I was helping others and waiting to be helped myself. On having surgery I only had the initial post surgery pain medication as I used interX to reduce the pain and start on the inflammation reduction. I was in hospital for 36 hours discharged lunchtime the following day. The first week I had lots of help, the second I was independent as my wife was back at work and my daughter at school.

I did all of the exercises and movements I worked on with all my clients, I had regular InterX Treatment and I was walking significant distances and able to run short distances 4 weeks post surgery.

Clients say to me I don't want to run.......I always say its great to know you can even for a short distance.

So how does this work?

  • I see you for 2 sessions a week at your home for 4 weeks (distance dependant), I help with all aspects of getting around your home along with using your home as part of the initial mobility and movement plan
  • Each session you have intensive InterX treatment on your knee to reduce pain and swelling and speed up tissue recovery
  • You will do a series of specialist movements to aid you recovery and ability to bend and straighten your leg
  • Work to be able fully straighten your leg, which is essential for walking correctly
  • A focus on knee bend past 90 degrees to help with all sorts of movement
  • Stairs, walking without crutches and confidence in your new knee
  • Muscle relaxing to aid movement with the interX device
  • 1 to 1 support for rapid recovery 

This sounds great but I have never heard of interX treatment and not sure how it works?

InterX works through the skin and nerves which stimulates the brain to release natural pain killers and anti inflammatory to the injured area. This reduces pain from movements and speeds up recovery


(You can find more information about Stephen and his InterX journey here)

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