InterX Treatment of Lower Back Pain in a semi Pro Footballer

Tyler had played professional football when he was younger at a high level and after been released worked a regular job. 

Finding his passion Tyler started his own business and was able to combine the training and playing of semi pro football.

Due to his physical job and training, Tyler started to have increasing issues and pain with his lower back. Tyler tried the conventional route of physio and seeing a chiropractor which had some impact but not lasting.Tyler approached me for a different treatment and style of physical rehabilitation.

Initial consultation isolated the triggers for pain and the back position, and postural issues. Reviewed Tyler's walking gait and found he was a toe striker altering his balance and posture. We also reviewed his running gait and biomechanics as his goal was to be back playing football.

After training or working there is always a level of fatigue and muscles feel tired in the case of the lower back tension can cause compression on the lower back and pain in the lower spine. Tyler was getting woken up in the night and had a very tense back in the morning when getting up.

Targeted the area of pain with the interX medical device and treated all of Tyler's spine with a focus on the  lower back. In addition worked on muscle release of the neck and stimulation of the vagus nerve to help with accelerated pain relief.

With a reduction in pain Tyler was able to do the specific mobility exercise to enable him to exercise and train effectively. Tyler had 4 sessions in total and is now running and training pain free 

InterX Allowed for lasting pain relief and the introduction of mobility exercise to enable accelerated healing.

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