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InterX Shoulder Treatment

InterX Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is varied due to the nature of the joint and also the position of the shoulder as we tend to compensate for pain with reduced movement. Pain tends to increase with compression for example lying on shoulder in bed. Pain also increases with a bigger range of movement, for example raising your arm above your head. InterX treatment along with physical movement is highly effective in treatment

Treatment requires a package of treatment depending on the medical history and the length of time pain has been present

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What happens that is different at InterX Pain Clinic to every other appointment I have had about my pain?

  1. I LISTEN to your story and your journey of pain from when it started to today
  2. I explain your journey with key points along the way there are usually speed bumps to make sure I have got everything
  3. You ask me questions about how I can help, the treatment, etc
  4. I usually do a physical assessment looking at movement and what you can do and what you cannot. I do sometimes video so you can see issues, like walking
  5. I listen to what you want from the treatment and build a treatment plan to suit you 1 to 1
  6. Everyone is different and I treat you in that way
  7. I am passionate about results and fixing people and give realistic expectations based on your pain journey
  8. I explain why I am doing something so you can understand
  9. I do give you homework and expect you to do it 
  10. Its only 15 minutes but I guarantee you will learn loads about your pain, triggers that make it worse and some practical help on how to move forward

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