InterX Knee Treatment

InterX Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain is usually associated with some wear and tear of the joint, ligaments or tendons. Twisting and sports injuries are common issues with knees and prolonged use and injury leads to cartilage issues with longer term joint problems and arthritis.  InterX Treatment and physical mobility is effective in the treatment of these issues. InterX is clinically proven to accelerate healing and recovery from knee replacement surgery. Treatment requires 6 to 10 sessions depending on the medical history and the length of time pain has been present

I have developed an accelerated programme of recovery for clients who have had a knee replacement. The rehabilitation is suitable for clients who have just had surgery, I start treatment 2 weeks post operation. The programme is also highly effective for clients who have had surgery in the past and are finding bending and straightening difficult. I work with clients to improve their range of movement and general mobility right up to people returning to sport or competing in events like triathlon

It depends on how long you want to be in PAIN, as I have a limited number of intensive packages outlined below