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How Does InterX Treat Sciatica


The NHS describes Sciatica as “Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve, which runs from your hips to your feet, is irritated. It usually gets better in 4 to 6 weeks but can last longer” (

The Sciatic Nerve is usually irritated and causes pain from compression due to a slipped disc or postural alignment issue at L5 on your lower back just above your buttocks. A slipped disc is when the cushion shock absorber between your vertebra bone discs bulges, becomes inflamed, leaks, or moves and pushes on the sciatic nerve.

Much less common causes of Sciatic pain are spinal stennosis-which is a narrowing of the canal or tube where the nerve passes through, or spondylolisthesis-where a bone moves out of position in your spine which is usually due to a back injury or direct trauma.

General advice is to keep moving!

Even gentle movement will help as the muscles will start to tense as the nerve is inflamed and this leads to the pain spreading down the leg to your foot. By moving you are re-aligning your body and forcing the muscles to work as normal and in pairs. Other obvious general advice is pain medication either over the counter or prescribed.

Key Point don’t sit or lie down for long periods

That links to keep moving, but difficult if you commute to work sit at a desk for 8 hours and manage 8 hours sleep.

It does highlight why you may have sciatica in the first place, compression of the lower back by poor posture and sitting for long periods, or odd positions of movement or repetitive strain

How does interX Treatment help with Sciatica?

Firstly interX treats through the nerves via the skin so it calms down the pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This is usually a progressive process of stimulating the brain to release pain and anti inflammatory chemicals along with energizing the cells in the pain area so they can move to allow the newly arriving cells to be effective.

By stimulating the brain that pain and inflammation cells are needed at a specific area like the sciatic nerve, the body also releases chemicals to aid the repair of the damaged disc which is aggravating it.

Treatment for sciatica is also coupled with mobility movements to aid with walking and sitting along with an understanding of how the body needs to move in the healing phase.

I was suffering from a severe attack of sciatica, which was making even simple walking painful and had only five weeks until a challenging and very active month long trip to Peru, when a friend recommended a visit to Stephen at InterX Pain Clinic. I had five treatments over less than three weeks and made amazing progress. Stephen explained each step of the treatment, answering all my questions so that I understood how InterX worked and exactly what I could expect during the healing process. By the time of my trip I was virtually pain free and coped extremely well.

Sue Sheil

How does InterX Treatment Work

Hello I am Stephen from InterX Pain Clinic and I target your Pain!

I treat many different clients in pain from Arthritis to migraines, post surgery to sciatica and most acute and chronic or persistent pain in between

How do I treat people exactly?

Well I use a Medical device to stop pain and accelerate healing. The medical device works through to skin to connect to the body’s nervous system and stimulates the release of natural pain killing chemicals. In addition healing and repair chemicals are released along with the accelerated removal of waste products and cells that cause scaring. This stimulation has a profound effect and the majority of cases can be helped with 5 to 8 treatments.

In addition to InterX Therapy I use physical mobility exercises to help restore movement and to make sure that the area is healing. I use the medical device on the spine to activate the nervous system and at the site of pain and corresponding trigger points. With Chronic pain as outlined below the body gets caught in the pain – inflammation cycle and it becomes background pain and there all the time. The Inter X device works with the body to reset the cycle so the healing can take place and the pain goes.

An infrared picture of a client with severe neck pain, please note the extreme hot spot in the hairline which is the site of pain and discomfort.


After one session of InterX Treatment of approximately an hour the same client with reduced pain and improved mobility. Please note the Hot spot of Pain is gone.


The InterX Treatment is clinically proven to reduce pain and accelerate healing. I treat many clients who have worked with more traditional treatments in the past, mainly chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. A change of direction can be a good course of action 

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