Why is InterX Treatment so Effective?

InterX Treatment is clinically proven to:

      1. Significantly Reduce Pain

     2. Significantly Increase Range of Movement

     3. Accelerate Healing and Recovery Time

     4. Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

I have had osteoarthritis for over 25 years in my hips! The first 15 years I had chronic pain and a replacement hip. The following 10 years I was pain free

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I had a 12 week intensive course of interX Therapy in 2010 and it changed my life drastically!

Prior to needing InterX Therapy in 2010 I had served with the Royal Marines in the mid 1990s and got injured during active service and damaged my hips resulting in Bi - Lateraleral Osteoarthritis and been medically discharged. Following this I lectured Sports Science at FE Colleges and University for 15 Years teaching Biomechanics, Sports analysis, Physical Rehabilitation, Coaching, Personal Training 

From 2010 to 2012 I had clinical training on the use and application of InterX Therapy  and treated numerous clients to become an interX Expert!

Meet Stephen

I am a GP referral rehabilitation instructor and InterX Treatment Expert. I have a MSc Health Rehabilitation and Exercise and my specialist research is " To assess the Impact of  a 6 Week Exercise Intervention on Subjects with Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis for Mobility and Pain Perception" I work with a variety of clients with Inter X Therapy and also develop functional fitness routines for enhanced recovery and mobility.

I have recently developed my own accelerated recovery programme for hip and knee replacement surgery. As outlined below I had my first hip replaced 13 years ago and it took 24 weeks to recover, the second was replaced in December 2018 and took 4 weeks to recover

The difference was InterX Treatment

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After school and college and with an intense training programme I realised my childhood dream of been a Royal Marine Commando. This career while eventful and immensely exciting and rewarding was short lived and 2 and half years from joining I had a accident while on active service which left me with Bi Lateral Osteoarthritis.

I was subsequently medically discharged and went to University to study Sport Science and Health Science. My enjoyment of training and sport did not wane initially and I played a good standard of Rugby Union and worked as a Personal Trainer to developing athletes mainly in Rugby, Boxing and Martial arts.

I went into Lecturing Sport Science for 15 Years while my Osteoarthritis deteriorated 11 years from diagnosis I had to have my left hip resurfaced. Didn't realise at the time that most people in my position have surgery 3 years from diagnosis, I was young at 33 to be having that surgery. Post surgery felt great and rehabilitated myself for 6 months, this period got me looking as to why I had coped so well knowing that I had osteoarthritis in my other hip and 11 years was a long time.

My professional life had centred on diet and exercise and teaching sport science was always looking at athletes performance and how to improve with all aspects of training physically and mentally. I trained gym Instructors and personal trainers and taught biomechanics, sports analysis and psychology at college and university level and it did not click what I was doing to cope.

Inter X Therapy was a revelation and 3 months later I was pain free.

This changed the direction of my life and I started to work rehabilitating with Inter X therapy and supporting lifestyle adjustments with physical activity and functional fitness.

8 Years of using InterX I had my hip replaced in 2018 and used InterX Daily for accelerated recovery and was running 28 days post surgery, my story is below:

I am fully insured for rehabilitation and exercise along with inter X Treatments

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